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Sharing winemaking philosophy on one of their many vineyard walks

Davis & Greg

Sharing winemaking philosophy on one of their many vineyard walks

Our Estate Single Vineyards

Davis Bynum’s passion is in the land-- the unique characteristics that each acre brings to the winemaking table. Our fascination with the particular qualities each vineyard holds led us to create a series of single-vineyard wines made to highlight the special terroir that makes Davis Bynum wine legendary. Cellar-worthy and unique, these wines tell the story of Davis Bynum like never before.

Illustrated map and photo of vineyard

Jane's Vineyard

This vineyard consists of 132 acres of Pinot Noir in total, with nine different clones on three adjacent parcels. Terrain is nearly level, though undulating and hummocky, with moderately well-drained Huichica soils, consisting of an acidic cobbled loam underlain by a clay subsoil, with a strongly cemented hardpan that varies from approximately 12 to 26 inches down. This hardpan restricts Pinot Noir vine access to water, and once the soil above it dries out in early summer, moisture stress begins to build, which we work with to encourage small clusters of small berries with intense flavors.

River West Vineyard

87 acres of Chardonnay in total, consisting of 5 different clones on two types of soil. Terrain is gently sloping, with well-drained Yolo sandy loam soils interspersed with very gravelly Cortina soils. Subsoil is deep alluvial gravels extending down several feet. These deep gravels have little fertility. As Spring turns to Summer and moisture becomes less available, Chardonnay vines must explore these gravels in search of water. They find abundant mineral character along the way.